The Kirby Automotive Group Mission is based on high values, integrity and teamwork. Our goal is to be the best in every aspect of our business. We will accomplish this by providing an exceptional Customer service experience, strongly supporting our community, and ensuring that our staff members are empowered do what is right in the best interest of our Customers! The Kirby Automotive Group is a third generation, family owned and operated business and has been providing these principles for 50 years!

Kirby Subaru of Ventura was proud to present a check to Interface Children & Family Services from this past Subaru Share The Love Event. Accepting the check were The Board, Leadership Advisory Council & Youth Rescue Shelter Staff. We are proud to help meet the needs of our youth and to be able to give back to the community!
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Kirby Ventura Chamber of Commerce Award

The KIRBY AUTOMOTIVE GROUP promise to our customers

The Kirby Automotive Group Promises to:

Provide honest, transparent information when you request it.

Provide prompt and efficient service with respect for your time.

Provide clear and thorough explanations of all purchase details.

Expect the value of products and services to be equal to or exceed the purchase price.

Provide courteous and professional treatment at all times.

Provide a pressure-free customer interaction.

Keep our promise to you.

Provide the same level of professionalism before, during and after the sale.

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Kirby Ventura is leasing 3 vehicles in partnership with Interface’s HOMEBUILDERS program. In collaboration with Ventura County Behavioral Health and Human Services Agency, Interface’s HOMEBUILDERS program will provide intensive, in-home treatment for families who have children at imminent risk of removal from challenged families. Thank you, Kirby!

January 2018 Newsletter
Human Trafficking Awareness Month

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day was January 11.
Interface wears blue to show solidarity and say no to human trafficking in our region.

Strengthening children, families and communities to be safe, healthy and thriving.

January 2018 Newsletter
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Fall 2017 Newsletter - Special Edition
Domestic Violence Prevention Awareness Month

Strengthening children, families and communities to be safe, healthy and thriving.
Fall 2017 Newsletter
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The Kirby Automotive Group in Ventura is proud
to announce that our charity of choice is
Interface Children & Family Services, a non profit organization

Strengthening children, families and communities to be safe, healthy and thriving.

Kirby Auto Group is dedicated to maximizing the proven success efforts of Interface Children & Family Services. With a 95% success rate at returning abused children to their families, therefore keeping runaway kids off the street, means group and individual counseling are having a lasting effect at preserving intimate family connections.
Interface is grateful to Kirby Auto Group for including us in
Share the Love and Canned Tree Decorating.

Kirby Auto Group is a proud supporter of Interface Children & Family Services and we were pleased to continue our support of this vital community group via the 2nd Annual “Farm to Table Benefit” on Sunday, October 4 at the Sherwood Country Club. The event raised more than $260,000!

Additionally, through our Automotive Group and our Kia of Ventura dealership, we are honored that we have been able to donate a Kia Sedona Van to Interface Children & Family Service, so they now may shuttle the youth at the shelter to and from school.

On Monday, October 19, 2015, Interface received the keys to a 2014 Kia Sedona Van for Runaway & Homeless Youth Shelter. Pictured Left to Right: Joelle Vessels, Interface's Mental Health/Youth Director; Jeff Sukay, Kirby Auto Group CEO; Fernando Salguero, Interface CFO; and Gil Alcala, Kirby Subaru General Manager and Partner.
Left to Right: Interface Board Director, Martin Hernandez & his wife Holly Doering; Jeff Sukay, Kirby Auto Group CEO; two of Interface's RHY Shelter Youth; Catherine Kort, Interface's Fund Development & Marketing Director; and Melissa Perezchica-Ramirez, Interface's Youth Program Manager.

This van will ensure the capacity of professional staff to attend to the many critical tasks associated with the youths’ recovery process, reducing costs associated with multiple staff transporting multiple youths using their personal vehicles to school and appointments necessary for their healing and return to a safe, permanent home setting. It is only through the responsive- ness of a caring community and corporate partners that Interface is able to fulfill our mission of strengthening children, families and communities to be safe, healthy and thriving.

If you would like to join Kirby Automotive Group and help with this great cause, please visit Interface Children & Family Services website at

Our mission is… Strengthening children, families and communities to be safe, healthy and thriving.

Our vision is… A nationally recognized family support organization that builds upon the strengths of
individuals, families, and communities through effective, accessible, fully Integrated services and partnerships.

If you would like to join Kirby Auto Group in supporting Interface Children & Family Services
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Triple R Project

Trifold Triple R

Event Brochure


RECOVER... From the chaos and confusion From the fear and uncertainty From losing your way
REPAIR… The relationships that have been harmed The trust that has been ...

Quote from Interface program director Patti Yabu,

"The vehicle is at the Oxnard family resource center for use by the Triple R (RECOVER, REPAIR, RESTORE) Project team and anyone else at the Oxnard office that may need to transport clients. 

Triple R serves youth ages 15 to 24 from the Oxnard area that are gang affiliated or at risk of gang involvement. The Triple R team uses the SUV regularly in order to transport youth to and from Moral Reconation Therapy groups that happen twice weekly. Prior to receiving the van, staff were using their personal vehicles and traveling back and forth in order to pick up all of the youth and get them there. It has made a huge difference for staff and they have told me how appreciative they are of having it. It is also used for Outreach events that happen during the week and on weekends. The staff often take our Peer Navigators (mentors) to assist in the Outreach event or may take them to do community service in some other way. The van is used to transport staff, youth, and supplies for the event. We have also on occasion held special group meetings for parents and have picked up a family that has no transportation.

Overall, we are so very happy and appreciative of the vehicle! So helpful in so many ways.


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